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Mid-Autumn in Toronto


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Dear All,

Some of you in HK did have fun. But WE in TORONTO also had a good time around mid-autumn at Marinda Fung Mei Lins house, included Cheung Sir, Henry Chiu Yu Lung, Johnny Suen Yau Gun, Justin Hung, On Lee, Hui Suet & myself.

We had a vey good time of fond memories and laughters, talked about those were the days, was good.

It was the first time we met Mrs Cheung and Johnnys wife, Jane. They are very nice ladies. We tried both Mrs Cheungs homemade salad and Janes homemade cheese cakes. Wow! they are just yummy. And I was the lucky one to take one cheese cake home:)

Once again, thanks a million to Marinda and Raymond who prepared the BBQ and the hospitality that made everyone of us joined feel like home. I just cant wait till next time we meet again.

Here are some of the photos taken on that day.

Best wishes to all
Sandy (Ho Siu)

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